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Where our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

What is Fit For Life?

Fit for Life is a digital fitness resource to support schools to deliver high quality functional fitness workouts to children in their school.  The sessions last for 10 minutes, aim to be of high intensity, include muscle and bone strengthening exercises and are designed to support individual personal development.  

Why is Fit for Life important?

Fit for Life is so important for schools because movement and health is so important for our children. 4/5 children are not taking part in enough activity to benefit their health. 33% of Y6 pupils are overweight or obese. We’re facing a youth mental health crisis. Physical activity can help in all of these areas and we feel really passionately that through Fit for Life we can support a change in these trends and give our young people the best opportunity to lead happy, healthy and successful lives.

We have designed Fit for Life to be more that fitness. Our workouts are designed to bring about personal development. Whether that be a testing individual Tabata based workout that requires independence, determination and resilience to complete, or a team workout that requires speaking and listening, strategizing, working together and contributing positively to the team.

Fit for Life also supports the education of children understanding how to keep physically and mentally healthy.


From an impact study we carried out we found that:


of children felt happier


of children felt fitter


of children felt more energetic


felt more alert in class

following taking part regularly in the Fit for Life programme at school.


What People Say About Us
Byerley Park Logo Final-05

Fit for Life is an effective resource, offering accurate and realistic fitness goals for all abilities. The easy to use resource is simple to access and navigate, fitting into any style of fitness session and providing everything you require, even the music! The variation of routines engage all children and encourage them to work to their full individual potential. Whilst the vast team work elements not only develop young, confident coaches and leaders, but also encourage social interaction in workout situations. This valuable resource has increased my confidence to teach and deliver accurate fitness techniques and in places where I may be unsure, it's only one click to watch videos of every technique, with teaching points. This is an invaluable resource to develop confidence, promote positive behaviour and get everyone easily working for short bursts of effective, vigorous activity. I would highly recommend any teacher to give it a go and I'm sure they will love the positive impact it will have!

Byerley Park Primary School
Fit for Life Customer

Fit for Life has been beneficial and a great programme for our children as fitness levels were low in our school and this has helped build up strength, stamina and resilience. Though the fitness levels of the children have made good progress, the biggest impact I have seen is the concentration levels and growth in resilience after a session in academic work, this is throughout both KS1 & KS2. We use Fit for Life as a break for children between work and it has proved a great success! I would highly recommend the programme because children need to become more active and with this programme there is no extra planning… everything is there for you! It is fun, engaging and the children (and staff!) enjoy learning the different exercises. As a teacher, it is extremely easy to follow (lesson plans and videos) and if you ever do need assistance- the staff behind the programme are wonderful!

Victoria Lane Primary School
Fit for Life Customer

Fit for Life has been very beneficial for our children at Dean Bank since we started it around 2 years ago. The biggest impact I have seen is that some children who usually do not like sporting activities enjoy Fit for Life because it is less intimidating for them than team games etc. They enjoy the fact that they are challenging themselves and keeping fit while having fun. I would highly recommend the programme because it can be accessed by all and is great to help with Active 30. Most sessions we do last around 15 minutes and as the programme is so varied in terms of content, it keeps the children engaged.

Dean Bank Primary School
Fit for Life Customer

Fit for Life Licence costs:

£456 (Plus VAT) Annual Subscription
Online CPD for teachers
A login for each class teacher
Movement Videos (18 movements)
Workout Videos (70 workouts)
Brain Breaks (New)
Classroom Workouts (New)

That is one payment for one year’s access for your whole school.

In an average sized school of 6 classes of 30 children that equates to £2.53 per child per year, for a high quality fitness programme!

Even if you only did it with one class of 30 children it would equate to £1.27 per child per month, for a high quality fitness programme!

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