FFL Licence


Fit for Life Licence costs:

£456 (Plus VAT) Annual Subscription
Online CPD for teachers
A login for each class teacher
Movement Videos (18 movements)
Workout Videos (70 workouts)
Brain Breaks (12)
Classroom Workouts (20)

That is one payment for one year’s access for your whole school.

In an average sized school of 6 classes of 30 children that equates to £2.53 per child per year, for a high quality fitness programme!

Even if you only did it with one class of 30 children it would equate to £1.27 per child per month, for a high quality fitness programme!

1 Year Licence

£456 +VAT

3 Year Licence

(Includes 30 FREE Mirafit Bars worth £349.95)

£1368 +VAT

OR if you would like to pay by invoice please complete the form below:

Fit for Life Licence Registration Form

Please complete the form below to make payment by invoice.

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