Welcome to Fit For Life

Where our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

What is Fit for Life​

Fit for Life is a functional fitness programme for Primary School pupils that provides a 10-minute moderate to vigorous workout every day.

The workouts can be timetabled into the school day to ensure every child takes part, added into break/lunchtime/extracurricular activity or added onto the end of PE lessons. We advise that they are timetabled into the school day between lessons to gain the maximum benefit in the brain boost it will give to children!

The sessions are delivered by your school staff who are trained by our team – this ensures sustainability.

The workouts are vibrant and varied, promoting personal challenge, teamwork and resilience. They include 18 movements spanning locomotion, stability and manipulation and 5 types of workout. This makes the programme varied to maintain the children’s interest but also relatively simple to deliver for school staff.

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